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About Us

Australian Production House

Australian Production House is a global Film and television company with teams around the world, headed by our Melbourne Australia office. We pride ourselves on working with major production companies in Australia and abroad.  We bring large scale international projects to Australia for production in conjunction with our partners overseas.

Our creative process is a kind and non-aggressive one with the aim to push the production to have a clear and well communicated creative vision that has the strength to last across all stages of production. We love the entertainment industry and have a wide range of services available to ALL facets of the industry whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out. We can structure a finance plan to suit your needs. 

Australian Production House Team has over 30 years experience.  Each person brings a humble and collaborative approach to their role. With award winning expertise from NBCUniversal, CNBC, Matchbox Pictures, ABC, BBC, Disney, Channel 9, The Seven Network, National Geographic, Channel 10, SBS, Foxtel and more.

Contact us here to find out more. 

Design Services

Are you in the entertainment industry but need a designer to help you with your project or service?

Australian Production House has state of the art design services that specialise in the film, television, online and music industries.

If you need a movie/TV poster, visual pitch doc, storyboard, animation illustration, concept design, website, logo, CD design our team works globally on large scale projects, but prides itself on helping those just starting out in the industry.

So if you need affordable design help get in touch here, and we will call you.  


Marketing Strategies

Australian Production House has award winning marketing teams that work on global large scale projects. Headed by leading creative Louise Schultze who has been advising on marketing and strategy for Billion dollar companies for the last 20 years.

If you need to understand your marketplace, demographics, how to reach them with effective and affordable campaigns, how to write up a film marketing/advertising strategy or how to get your name out there then get in touch.  We can help you with affordable advice. 


Trailers & Video Editing

Need an affordable teaser trailer or short video to explain your idea?

Our film crew do creative and editing work on the big films, but love helping the newcomers to help realise their idea. We have clients and staff around the globe ready to help. 


Production Crew

Australian Production House provides a full suite of production and individual production services for hire. If you need a world class editor, producer, director, writer, gaffer, cinematographer, location scout etc. we have teams globally that can assist. If you are new to film and television and can’t afford the price tag that goes with our Hollywood grade quality, let us know we have a range of affordable options for you. Click here to get in touch.



Made a Film, TV show, documentary or animation and looking for a sales agent or distributor. Australian Media house has a global capacity network of distribution networks. Click here to speak with one of our team.


Pitch Us

Have a project you'd like to pitch to us?

We've set up a template to make things easy for you!

Use our template pitch deck to create a deck for your project. For more info check out our pitch us page here for more info.


Australian Production House are dedicated to the following


We respectfully acknowledge the traditional indigenous custodians of the lands of the countries we work and reside in.

We support and champion the right to inclusion and equality for all. 

We promote and practice environment sustainability, working towards a zero carbon footprint.


We are a company that prides itself on its development in making all it's shows and productions more inclusive and accessible.  We welcome suggestions at any time to make your experience with us more inclusive and accessible and actively employ and cast with equality for all in mind.  

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