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Children Series Producer


Jobs commence in early 2021

Australian Production House

Australian Production House are looking for Producers who have credited experience as a Producer or Line Producer in Television/Film (children's television is an advantage). Australian Production House have been commissioned to produce a range of Original Digital children's series for The Oz Kids Network.

You'll need a combination of creative and business skills, as well as the ability to inspire and lead a production team. 


Broadcast Media, Motion Pictures and Film, Entertainment

Employment Type

Contract per project


Industry Standard / Negotiable

References Required

Responsibilities - 

  • oversee all elements of a production from conception through to completion and may also be involved in the marketing and distribution process.

  • work closely with directors and other production staff, either in a studio or on location, to ensure a creative and stable working environment for everyone involved in the project.

  • assist in regulatory funding applications and budget management.

  • read, research and assess ideas and finished scripts.

  • hire key staff, and crew. 

  • pull together all the strands of creative and practical talent involved in the project to create a team.

  • organise shooting schedules.

  • hold and minute regular meetings with the director, cast and crew.

  • act as a sounding board for the director.

  • assist in troubleshooting problems that arise during production.

  • ensure compliance with relevant regulations, codes of practice and health and safety laws, including up to date COVID-19 compliance.

  • supervise the progress of the project from pre-production through to post-production.

  • deliver the finished production on time and to budget.

Qualifications - Degree Level Preferred not mandatory in one of the following areas

  • communication and media studies.   

  • film studies/filmmaking/film production.   

  • media production and broadcast production.   

  • multimedia.   

  • television production/film and television production.

Requirements -   

  • confidence in your ability.

  • strong communication and people skills.

  • editorial judgement.    

  • presentation and pitching skills.    

  • negotiation skills.    

  • strong time and resource management skills.    

  • organisation and planning skills.    

  • creative ability.    

  • the ability to cope well under pressure.    

  • commercial awareness and a good head for figures.    

  • self-motivation and the ability to motivate others.    

  • leadership skills.   

  • awareness of health and safety issues in the workplace and understanding of the industry regulations and codes of practice, especially COVID-19 compliance.

  • highly motivated and able to withstand pressure as the job can be very challenging.

  • Flexibility is important, as is the ability to handle a high level of responsibility.

Work experience - Mandatory Producer Credits in TV, Web Series or Film (professional only)
This job requires experience. You will need to have a track record in the industry, as a producer or line producer, applicants with Children's Television or Web Series experience is advantageous. You will have several years’ experience and a thorough understanding of all program-making techniques. 

Work involves working from home until shoot days to be on set only when necessary. You must live and be able to work in your own state location as above.

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