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Wednesday 7th October: Melbourne: The world’s first fully interactive digital television channel,

Oz Kids Network presents the global premiere of a new kind of children’s talk show called Bearly LIVE.

From this Saturday 10th October at 7pm (AEDT) and Sunday 11th October at 10am (AEDT), every weekend for ten weeks the Bearly LIVE show will invite children to talk in real time with an adorable animated talking Teddy Bear live on the Network.

Our star host will need help to make and film a live show (30mins free talk with Bearly then 15min with prerecorded skits) each week. Viewers can interact directly with Bearly, talk about their ideas, and make requests to shape the show or play along through the week, submit art and videos to help make Bearly’s show come to life!

Graham Davies, Series Creator and Co-Producer, said, “Bearly LIVE is a children’s world first show where kids can talk directly to an animated character on TV or Smart devices, in real time and it’s free to subscribe and join-in. The show takes interaction to a whole other level.

Bearly LIVE provides a fun and unique experience for children, where their imagination can run wild. Our aim is to stimulate their minds and creativity at the same time. Bearly is the world’s coolest producer and host that children will tell their friends about and fall in love with.”

To entertain children from 6yrs to 14yrs, Bearly is joined by a wacky cast of cartoon characters inspired by viewer submissions and performs a range of skits and comedy-based segments.

As well as bonus daily show extra reels, Bearly creates weekly challenges and tasks for children to tackle and take part in.

Paul Macionis, Chief Operating Officer, Oz Kids Network said, “Bearly LIVE is a break-through concept in digital entertainment that sets a new benchmark for creativity and technical excellence in live animation and is built right here in Australia by our talented team of character producers, artists, illustrators, and designers. 

The series is an exciting offering and the first to launch from our roster of original Australian-made productions at Oz Kids Network. We are growing rapidly with a global audience watching in more than 60 countries and fast becoming an innovative destination for interactive content for children's entertainment and education.”

Following the premiere broadcast each week, Bearly LIVE will be available to watch when you want, on demand at

Follow - Instagram: @BearlyLIVE

Watch - Live Stream and OnDemand:

Oz Kids Network follows COVID-Safe filming guidelines set by industry body Screen Australia.

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