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Exciting News in the Film Industry! Kriv Stenders, the talented director behind Red Dog and Danger Close, is set to helm the psychological thriller "Screaming Peak." This gripping film, described as a blend of Hitchcock's Rear Window and Danny Boyle's The Beach, promises to take audiences on a heart-pounding ride. Stay tuned for a visceral, unforgettable cinema experience!

Written by Justin Walsh (of Neighbours fame), the story follows a wealthy family on a secluded island retreat. Their world turns upside down when a mysterious young woman arrives, claiming to be the father's daughter. But that's just the beginning – a murder unfolds, and the family becomes the target of relentless pursuers.

With a mix of Australian and international talent, this psychological thriller is set to captivate a global audience. Australian Production House has secured the rights to this gripping script, and CEO Louise Schultze couldn't be more excited! "Screaming Peak" is a true page-turner that'll keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish.


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